Volunteering at the Granada Native Garden

The Granada Native Garden is the result of a vision and a lot of hard work by unpaid volunteers.

October, 2003

May, 2018


These are workers whose compensation is the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile that otherwise would not get done — building something that adds beauty and worth to our community, restoring some of the natural habitat for native bees, birds and other pollinators that so-called “progress” has destroyed, and opening a window into the way of life of the Native Americans who thrived and tended the wild sustainably in the Livermore community hundreds of years before its present inhabitants displaced them.  (The photos above were taken from the same viewing angle.  Click on them to enlarge them.)

The staff at the GNG would welcome you to join usThere are several ways that you can do that. They are described below.  Find one that fits your interests and skills.  Then let the staff know that you are available to help build, maintain and improve this remarkable venue, by emailing Jim at  jimatgng@gmail.com,  or by chatting with him or one of the staff you find working at the GNG.

Mary Ann

Be a “Regular” Worker Bee
Maybe you can spare and hour or two once a week, or every other week, or maybe only once a month. There is always work to do — pulling weeds, trimming or pruning the native plants, keeping the pathways clear, watering plants that have not yet become established or need an occasional drink to make it thru the hot summer.  If Jim knows that he can expect you, he will be able to direct you to whatever currently needs to be done at the Garden.


Be an “Occasional” Worker Bee
Occasionally (that is, a couple of times a year, usually in the winter or spring) Jim will send out by email a general request for helpers to attack some seasonal task — usually involving weed control.  Just ask Jim to add you to the “Occasional Workday” list and check your email regularly. Occasional Workdays are usually on Saturdays or Sundays.



Be a “Specialist”                             You might be interested in overseeing a particular section of the GNG (chaparral, woodland, riparian, grassland), or a particular plant family (lilacs, sages, buckwheats, grasses, wildflowers, native roses, etc.).  Discuss your special interest with Jim and work out a plan that fits your interest and the needs of the GNG.



Be an “Irregular” Worker Bee
Maybe sometimes you just feel like getting some exercise, sun and fresh air and nature therapy at the GNG, and you wonder if Jim needs some help. The best thing to do is to email Jim a day or two ahead of time, so that he can tell you if he will be on duty at the GNG on that day, and maybe let you know how you can best serve the GNG that day.



Be a “Garden Manager”
There are numerous tasks well suited to a person who enjoys management, which is definitely not Jim’s strong point!  To begin with, there are a number of projects that would improve the GNG for the Livermore community.  These include signage indicating the location of the GNG, construction of an on-site parking space, modification of the curb to provide a suitable entrance for automobiles, and a host of related safety issues.  This would involve working with the school district (LVJUSD, the owner of the property), the City and law enforcement.
Also, a GNG manager might help to develop educational programs at the Garden, apply for grants to get special projects done, inviting the Eagle Scouts for other projects, organizing and supervising Occasional Workdays, and other tasks beyond basic maintenance of the GNG.
If you have management ability, you are sorely needed at GNG!

Meenakshi & Malvika

Follow Our Newsletter!                                                                                                    If you haven’t discovered this already,, the GNG staff publishes an occasional Newsletter that tells about some of the plants at the Garden, or discusses an important related issue.  To access the Newsletter, just google “Granada Native Garden Newsletter”.  You can become a regular subscriber to the Newsletter, just click the FOLLOW button at the lower right corner of the screen and type in your contact information; you will be notified whenever a new article appears.  And feel free to contact Jim at  jimatgng@gmail.com       if you have an inquiry!

Quote du Jour:                                                                                                                            “The white man sure ruined this country.  It’s turned back to wilderness.”                                                                                         – James Rust, a Southern Sierra Miwok elder

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 8.05.51 AM

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