Current Attractions – Earth Day, 2014


Smith School 3Smith School Discovers the Granada Native Garden!                                                            Recently, a class of 5th Graders from Emma C. Smith School stumbled upon the Granada Native Garden when they stopped to have lunch during a mini-field trip:  “We never knew it was here!“.  There they learned some things about the importance of plants to the native people who lived in California before the Europeans arrived – such as how gumplant (Grindelia sp.) had many medicinal uses, in addition to being a cheap substitute for chewing gum, owing to the sticky substance that collects in its young flowers and coats its leaves.  And many of those plants are growing at the Granada Native Garden, waiting to be discovered.

Speaking of Discovering …                                                                                                        William Rasor, a biology teacher at Granada High School, recently visited the Granada Native Garden with his camera, and found these attractions which are currently in bloom there.  He generously shared his photos with us.  They speak for themselvesBut the Garden is constantly changing, so they might not be there for long.  (Hint:  To enlarge a photo, just click on it.)          

Rasor 1

Early buckwheat flowers

Buckeye flowers, just before they open

Immature buckeye blossoms









Late-season California poppies

Late-season California poppies

Poppies with lupine

Poppies with lupine


Redbud flowers

Redbud flowers

Flannelbush blossom

Flannelbush blossom


Bush poppy

Bush poppy

Yarrow, first of the season

First yarrow of the season


Smith School 2

Thanks for the memories, William And thanks to the students and teachers at Smith School — come again soon, and bring friends!




A Reminder to Visitors to the Granada Native Garden …                                                                              Holly-Leafed Cherry ID

         You might find some white tubes next to some of the plants at the Garden.  No, they are not sprinkler heads – they are identification markers that tell you what the plant is and why it is important.  You may lift the tube off its support to read it, then put it back when you are done.



Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 8.05.51 AM

2 thoughts on “Current Attractions – Earth Day, 2014

  1. It is nice to see students/teachers enjoying the garden. If the garden continues to attract people like this maybe we can keep the trogs out 🙂

  2. Excellent post, Jim! Thanks for sharing, and for the photos! So pleased that folks are ‘discovering’ beautiful and educational GNG!
    Bringing Back the Natives Garden Tour is this coming Sunday…hoping that people ‘discover’ GNG thru that great tour.
    Cindy A.

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